Northwest Asian Weekly
Raising the Voices of Immigrants and Refugees

On the eastside of Lake Washington, My-Linh Thai is running for state representative in the 41st legislative district. As Rep. Judy Clibborn announced her retirement from the state Legislature, Thai not only saw an opportunity to run, but a responsibility to her personal experiences, her family, and her community to elevate the voices of immigrants and refugees at the state level. … Read More

The Stranger
The Stranger’s Endorsements for the August 7, 2018, Primary Election

My-Linh Thai told the SECB she thinks people are fundamentally good. We're endorsing her anyway. Thai, who has a deep interest in education funding and currently serves on the Bellevue School Board, is backed by the state teachers union and believes the state is far from done in meeting its constitutional obligation to fucking fund public education. She also backs single-payer health care and is ardently opposed to charter schools...   … Read More