Helping Kids Succeed

As a Bellevue School Board Director and PTSA parent, I believe that Education is the key to opportunity. In Olympia, I will continue to advocate for investments in local schools, promote parent and community engagement, set high expectations for excellence through culturally responsive curriculum and instruction, and ensure equitable and sustainable funding for our public schools.

Healthy Communities – Safe Communities

As a trained healthcare provider and a public health advocate, healthy communities are at the heart of everything I do. As your Representative, I will protect and expand health care access and mental health coverage. I will demand sensible gun laws that keep our kids and communities safe.


My parents brought our family to this country to build a better life. Thanks to hard work and committed educators, I was able to thrive, but a lack of affordability for low-income families makes this dream impossible for too many. As your Representative, I will work to reform our regressive tax code and build long-term affordable housing options for workers, seniors, and families.

Our Environment

I want to make sure Washingtonians continue to have access to clean air and water, parks and recreational amenities, and the quality of life that makes this such a special place to live. I believe we need to address growth by completing transit projects, keep Washington clean by holding large polluters accountable, and invest in a clean energy and sustainable green economy that will drive our region’s innovation and prosperity.